Inline Manual

Hi! We’re Inline Manual.

We developed Inline Manual originally to solve a problem we had as a web design agency. We needed to teach our customers how to manage and use the applications, and this often meant generating some end-user documentation. The training solutions on offer were too painful to create, update, and reuse. We knew many agencies struggled with the same problem, and we knew there had to be something better than PDFs with screenshots or screencasts.

So, we came up with an idea: Inline Manual. In 2012 we built the first prototype on a client’s application and they simply loved it. They were able to train their users and their teams on their applications. And it also meant that we had more time to work on other projects because of the decrease in support requests.

Later that year, we started building Inline Manual as a service, and in May 2013 we made a public beta available which gave us an idea of what our users needed. We officially launched in March 2014. Since then, Inline Manual has been used to onboard, train, and guide hundreds of thousands of users all across the globe. We’ve helped other companies realize the same cost-savings through decreased support costs.

We have offices in London, United Kingdom and Prague, Czech Republic.