is an enterprise grade high-availability container-based cloud hosting Platform as a Service (PaaS) that is fast and simple to use.

We have grown extremely fast since launch in 1H14, because we provide development teams huge workflow improvements, and the CMO/CTO huge competitive advantage in terms of risk free changes to live services, plus ‘zero application interruption’ scaling for unexpected events. For eCommerce, this reduces reaction time to market changes, allows changes during peak periods, and improves overall revenue optimisation.

We support the workflows of many different technologies, on multiple cloud vendor infrastructures, with full automation of DevOps including on-demand cloning of production/master/any branch in less than 60 seconds, no matter how big! Managing a large complex site, or even large numbers of similar sites is hugely simplified with is empowering major cloud solutions such as Magento Cloud, the cloud of the PHP Symfony framework, eZ Platform Cloud, by Orange Cloud and many other. is an exciting place to work.