Bitrefill lets you top up any prepaid mobile phone using bitcoin. We support prepaid SIM cards from over 600 operators in over 150 countries. 
Using Bitcoin allows us to cut costs, and pass the savings on to you. Full privacy and the top up happens as soon as the transaction clears.

Just enter any phone number, select an amount and pay with bitcoin. It's really that simple! You can even use it to send topup to friends and family abroad.

Bitrefill Anywhere Europe
30 Mar, 2018
ABOUT US   Bitrefill lets people all over the world touse use their prepaid phone balance as a type of digital money. There are 4.5 billion prepaid phones out there - far more than there are bank accounts. And we let people convert new and fancy digital money (like Bitcoin), into tried and tested (and available everywhere) prepaid phone balance. We’re a young company, but already have early traction and recurring customers from over 100 countries - we really have users from Albania to Zimbabwe, most of which use our service cash out Bitcoin that they earn online. We’re actually enabling online work for potentially billions of people. We’re backed by a group of mainly US investors, including 500 Startups, a leading global startup accelerator with its home-base in Silicon Valley. THE POSITION  We’re a global-first company, already actively selling in 100 countries. Your job will be to find new ways of reaching potential users. Most of all we’re looking for someone with hustle. Someone who is quick to learn and isn’t afraid to try new and crazy ideas. There’s no requirement for experience with online marketing, “growth hacking” or web development - but obviously those things are a plus. At your help you’ll have world-leading coaching in growth marketing tactics - via our accelerator partner “500 Startups”. Right now we’re looking for someone to do a big push in those areas over the summer, with the chance to keep working with us going forwards - either as full time or part time on the side of studies. YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES   Boost growth as fast as humanly possible ;-) You’ll work with accelerating customer growth across all channels (including SEO, paid, content, social, media). This includes designing ads (copy + images), managing social media accounts. ¥ You’ll be working in Analytics, Mixpanel, Adwords, Facebook/Twitter, Excel and continuously improving the marketing of our company. ¥ Help to develop the marketing playbook. We’re a startup that’s experimenting with various marketing tactics. You’ll be instrumental in generating ideas, testing, documenting, and optimizing the marketing activities so that we establish a framework as we scale. ¥ Monitor and optimize performance. We’ll work with you to set, track and improve customer acquisition and activation targets so that we grow at the pace we’d like to and use our time and spending wisely. ¥ Email marketing. Generate, analyze, and interpret data for email campaigns. Manage creating and scheduling of content and email deployment. ABOUT YOU You think globally. The world is larger than Stockholm. Our company has users in 100 countries, and Sweden is not one of them. You’ve probably travelled or at least want to travel in your life. If you speak foreign languages that’s a big plus. You’re interested in new technology. Bitcoin excites you, although we don’t expect you to be an expert in any way. You’re a self-starter with hustle. You’re not afraid to break rules, and ask forgiveness instead of permission, and you definitely don’t need anyone to tell you what to do. You’re creative and can think of new ways of doing things. You’re probably good with words as well. You are organized and like having clear metrics - the one number that you track - and watch it go up as a result of your work. You love reading about and trying new ingenious growth tactics . YOUR EXPERIENCE Like we said - experience isn’t everything - hustle, being quick to learn and working hard is more important. Attitude beats experience every time. No-one will have all of these, but here are some qualities or experiences we value: Online/growth marketing, analytics  Basic math skills. Academic math skills is preferred (business, engineering, etc). Excel (it’s a bonus if you’ve used tools such as Google Analytics, Mixpanel). Basic programming, if you can implement your ideas yourself in HTML/CSS/JS that’s a plus. Design work, have used photoshop or sketch. HOW TO APPLY Your first job is to sell in yourself! Things you can show are much better than things you can tell. Perhaps you already have ideas on how you’d market Bitrefill? Email us whatever you think is relevant (CV, portfolio, video intro, etc.)