Burns Sheehan

Burns Sheehan is a leading tech recruitment agency with offices in London and Manchester. Our job is to listen to your needs, connect you with the right people and the right opportunities, and make the world a better place, one placement at a time.

Our recruiters have a passion for connecting people with life-changing career opportunities. Seriously, it’s our bread and butter. We also happen to be lovely people to work with who are deeply embedded in the tech community. So if you’re thinking about your next move take a peek at our current vacancies and get in touch!

For us, recruitment isn’t a conveyor belt of roles and CVs; every professional we work with is as important and as distinctive as the next. We get that your time is precious, so we operate on a strictly quality over quantity basis, offering a tailored service to meet every person’s needs.

We’re good at listening, finding people and delivering. That’s why most of our growth and success has built on long-standing relationships, referrals and recommendations.